• On August 09, 2016 my girlfriend and I inquired about a 2014 BMW X1. Our expectations prior to arrival were already on paper and a possible contender in Austin. We were met upon arrival by Charlie Phan. He was very passionate, explanatory and personable. During negotiations we were met by Jul Dalli where we negotiated further. These negotiations eventually ended upon mutual terms of a sale. This email is to show my appreciation of courtesy, personality and professionalism. I have purchased quite a few cars (or assisted) and of the negotiations i normally speak to, loud, annoying, hard of hearing people who use these 'disabilities' to make a sale. Suits only increase the anxiety and reduce overall rapport. Its never an enjoyable time. I did not get everything i wanted, but i also set my expectations high and came out with almost everything we wanted. Lastly, Skeen Mathias, your financial officer was equally memorable as the others. Great personality, extremely dedicated and fully descriptive in every response of my questions. Your kindness and generosity went a long way and i will definitely consider your establishment prior to a dealer on future purchases. - Michael Kane

  • I read the reviews before purchasing the vehicle, paying close attention to the negative reviews. In business, one simply cannot please EVERYONE, so I decided to see for myself how they operate, and give an unbiased opinion of my experience. My salesman was Max Malikov, and Chris Jeansonne as backup. Mr. Malikov was always reachable by phone, and Mr. Jeansonne was pleasant & honest, qualities most salespeople lack. I wasn't hounded to purchase a vehicle after showing interest, or treated differently for securing my own financing thru my credit union. I was given the car fax, had the vehicle inspected by my own mechanic, and was surprised by the ease of the transaction. The finance manager Mr. Skeen is as genuinely nice as the other reviewers have stated, with awesome Southern hospitality-something extremely important to me when doing business. I'm bringing my mother back soon for an SUV, and I don't plan on buying a vehicle from any OTHER dealer. - Jessica Anderson
  • Best car buying experience I have ever had. Bought a 2015 M4 at a fair price and great service. I highly recommend them. - Richard Tidwell

  • I went into the dealership and welcomed by a generous sales person George. I was looking for 2012 Mercedes-Benz E350 and found 3 right at the spot, all in perfect condition. Found the one I was looking for, without any trouble at all. Excellent customer service. I was done within an hour. Great Experience - Kashif Shah

  • I've purchased several cars with this store and they have a skilled a knowledgable staff that I truly enjoyed working with. - Gene

  • Very friendly and courteous staff. A great buying experience. Billy Knee land was a pleasure to work with. - Pierre

  • Excellent overall service. Very helpful staff. - Wade

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